Published on July 1st, 2012 In category Exam Strategy

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10 sure shot tricks to get top marks in competitive exams

Have you across the situation when you felt, you knew everything but couldn’t give answer while in examination room?

These 10 points will help you a lot

All of us prepare for the competitive exam day in and out. Your parents spend a fortune to get you books, get admission to best coaching classes. But on the D-day you could deliver. There can be many reason for this situation. Given below are 10 points you should keep in mind and these will help you to deliver 100% on the examination day. So go on, make a list and keep in the mind to get the top scores in the competitive examinations. After subscription check out the lessons available in your my account page

  1. Be clear on what to expect in Exam:Read the instruction booklet that came along with the appilication form. Read the pattern, if it is mutliple choice questions or subjective type. Understand how question paper is sectioned into different topics and if there is minimum passmarks required for each section. [DAP errMsgTemplate=”LONG”]
  2. Don’t be Stubborn on any question: Do not get stuck in the one single questions, do get into mode ” I have to solve this questions”. Your objective to score marks not to solve that question. Try ways to get quick answer
  3. Don’t hurry, there is nothing to worry : At the same time do not hurry with questions, do worry unnecssarily for the time management . Plan your time, read the question quickly but carefully.
  4. Be comfortable while and before Examination: – We do understand the importance of being comfortable, reach the examination hall 15 minutes in advance to avoid anxiety, wear correct sized clother, take ample rest before test, have a good night sleep
  5. Do you rough work in the question paper near to questions: Belive many of us keep wasting time to go back and forth for doing rough calculation, use mental maths easy multiplication and division trick. Use the margins to rough calculation, every seconds is precious in exam
  6. Don’t leave single question without reading: When there is NO negative marking, try to answer all the questions. In negative marking scenario read all the questions and select the right ones to answer
  7. Eliminate the wrong options in the answers: One of the good way to arrive to correct answer is by approximation, read all the options in answer and remove the obivious wrong one to arrive to correct answers
  8. Don’t wait till last to mark answers in the answer sheet : DO wait till last minutes to mark your answers in answer sheet. You may not be able to mark all the answer or in hurry may mark incorrect options
  9. Check you are marking right answers in sheet : Be sure you are marking correct options in answer sheet.
  10. Keep track of time : Match your watch time with examiners or examination hall watch. Keep track of time every 15 minutes or so. [/DAP]

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