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200 Important Antonyms in English

Here is the list of 200 important English words and their antonyms or opposites. Quite use for competitive exams or otherwise. The PDF version can be downloaded from here for printing purpose. Click Here — 200 Important Antonyms.

Word Antonym
 Abandon  Retain
 Accomplish  Fail
 Accord  Disagreement
 Acquit  Condemn
 Adamant  Yielding
 Advanced  Receded
 Affluence  Poverty
 Anarchy  Order
 Antique  Recent
 Anxious  Carefree
 Apposite  Inappropriate
 Articulate  Unable to express oneself
 Asceticism  Luxury
 Assent  Disagreement
 Audacious  Timid
 Autonomous  Dependent
 Awkward  Graceful
 Barbarous  Civilized
 Barren  Fertile
 Benediction  Curse
 Benefactor  Enemy
 Bleak  Bright
 Blocked  Facilitated
 Boon  Bane
 Brave  Timid
 Callous  Sensitive
 Capture  Liberate
 Cessation  Commencement
 Chivalry  Cowardice
 Chronic  Temporary
 Clinch  Lose
 Collapse  Rise
 Commence  Conclude
 Commotion  Tranquility
 Conclusive  Indecisive
 Concur  Disagree
 Confident  Diffident
 Confiscate  Release
 Consolidated  Disjoined
 Contaminate  Purify
 Contented  Dissatisfied
 Controversial  Indisputable
 Deceitful  Honest
 Delete  Include
 Deliberate  Unintentional
 Demolish  Build
 Deny  Accept
 Depressed  Elated
 Desecration  Consecration
 Despair  Hope
 Detest  Like
 Diffidence  Boldness
 Diligent  Lazy
 Dim  Luminous
 Discreet  Careless in behavior
 Dismal  Bright
 Disorderly  Organized
 Disputable  Indisputable
 Dissolution  Establishment
 Dormant  Active
 Duplicity  Honesty
 Dynamic  Static
 Elevation  Reduction
 Embark upon  Conclude
 Embellish  Spoil
 Eminent  Notorious
 Enduring  Fleeting
 Enervate  Strengthen
 Enlightened  Ignorant
 Escalate  Decrease
 Evanescent  Eternal
 Evident  Hidden
 Exaggerate  Understate
 Exceptional  Common
 Exonerate  Convict
 Expand  Contract
 Explicit  Ambiguous
 Extol  Censure
 Factual  Unrealistic
 Falling off  Improvement
 Famous  Obscure
 Fantastic  Ordinary
 Far Fetched  Realistic
 Fastidious  Adjustable
 Fatigued  Rigid
 Fatigued  Energised
 Feasible  Impractical
 Fickle  Constant
 Flair  Inability
 Flamboyant  Not showy
 Flexible  Rigid
 Forbid  Permit
 Frailty  Strength
 Frugal  Extravagant
 Genial  Unkind
 Genuine  Fictitious
 Gloomy  Radiant
 Glossy  Dull
 Grandiose  Simple
 Gregarious  Unsociable
 Guilty  Innocent
 Ham Fisted  Adroit
 Harmonious  Discordant
 Harmony  Disagreement
 Hazy  Clear
 Hereditary  Acquired
 Heretical  Orthodox
 Hinder  Encourage
 Humble  Powerful
 Humility  Pride
 Immune  Vulnerable
 Imperil  Safeguard
 Implicate  Exonerate
 Implication  Exoneration
 Implicit  Explicit
 Inaugurate  Terminate
 Inconspicuous  Prominent
 Incredible  Believable
 Inevitable  Avoidable
 Infirmity  Strength
 Ingest  Disgorge
 Initiated  Concluded
 Innovate  Copy
 Insolent  Humble
 Intentional  Accidental
 Isolation  Association
 Jocular  Morose
 Laceration  Healing
 Latter  Former
 Liberty  Slavery
 Loquacious  Reserved
 Lurid  Mild
 Make  Break
 Manifested  Concealed
 Meagre  Surplus
 Melodious  Tuneless
 Meticulous  Careless
 Misery  Joy
 Moderate  Extreme
 Monotony  Variety
 Nervous  Composed
 Niggardly  Lavishly
 Obscure  Clear
 Often  Rarely
 Opaque  Transparent
 Oppressive  Gentle
 Orderly  Chaotic
 Parallel  Crooked
 Paucity  Plenty
 Perilous  Safe
 Permanent  Temporary
 Philistine  Cultured
 Plausible  Implausible/ Unbelievable
 Potent  Weak
 Prevent  Induce
 Probity  Dishonesty
 Procrastinate  Expedite
 Professional  Amateur
 Progressive  Retrogressive
 Prosperity  Adversity
 Purposely  Unintentionally
 Quiet  Pandemonium
 Rapid  Slow
 Rapidly  Slowly
 Reckless  Careful
 Repel  Attract
 Repulsive  Attractive
 Sanguine temper  Despairing nature
 Scorn  Admiration
 Severe  Mild
 Shallow  Deep
 Shimmering Gloomy
 Smug  Dissatisfied
 Sporadic  Continual
 Stimulate  Discourage
 Strife  Peace
 Successor  Predecessor
 Superficial  Thorough
 Synthetic  Natural
 Takes off  Lands
 Terminate Begin
 Thrifty  Wasteful
 To put up with  To dislike
 Triggered  Choked
 Trivial  Serious
 Uncompromising  Flexible
 Unjust  Fair
 Unnerved  Confident
 Unscrupulous  Conscientious
 Urban  Rural
 Vague  Precise
 Validate  Disprove
 Veneration  Disrespect
 Vicious  Virtuous
 Vindictive  Forgiving
 Virtue  Vice
 Vituperative  Laudatory
 Yield to  Resist
 Zeal  Apathy