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About Us

Q. What is Readin.net?
A. Readin.net gives lots n lots of contents that gives enables students to perform well in the competitive exams.
( Blah Blah… Well same simple & boring stuff). Read on you might find something interestingQ. How did Readin.net started?
A. Readin.net started in 2007. At first the plan was to start a portal that will talk about the amazing facts and some fun facts that one would like to “Readin” in free time. However over time due to my inclination towards vedic maths I included some pages on vedic maths and it was very well received. Some friends contributed ideas of including maths tricks and then from there it went on.Q. What is Readin.net Motto?
A . We drive ourself with the philosophy of “Honesty in Deeds and Joy of Giving”

Q. What do we get from Readin.net?
A. Readin.net foucses on few content but quality content.
There are as of today 100 chapters, more than 2000 vocabulary words with meanings, there are flash card available for download. There are more than 25 chapters focusing on maths tricks that will help you save time in solving problems, then there are quiz based on these concepts and so on. It would be better you check yyourself.

Q. Who are people behind Readin.net?
A. We are a group of enthusiasts with mission of giving something of worth to citizens of tomorrow. Check about me at my blog http://salesatpar.readin.net. However, I would like to mention the pages you see are effort of many of my colleagues.

Q. Logo of Readin.net- What does it mean and who designed the logo?
A. Logo of readin.net represents the lotus flower. The lotus flower signifies the Goddess Saraswati ( Goddess of learning in Indian Mythology). The logo has been designed by self and it is result of 7th iteration, If you like it would like to have your comments

Q. Who designed the website (graphics and colors) , what are the different features available to users ?
A. All the graphics and colors has been selected inhouse. We chose the combination of yellow shades as yellow is often used to reprensent the Goddess Sarawati in India mythology . To check out different features check out our help pages.

Q. Can we Join you?
A. Offcourse, just connect with us over here. We are also planning to come with the reward program for our contributors.

Q. How can we reach you?
A. Check out about our details in contact us Page.

Q. How do I get the updates from your website?
A. Very easy just fill up this form Page.

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