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Angles at the intersection of lines

Angles lines IntersectionIn this article we will cover the topics of “Types of angles” and “Angle at intersection of lines”.

An angle is formed when two lines meet at a point or cross each other. When 2 lines meet normally 2 angles are formed internal and exterior angle. When 2 lines cross each other normally 4 angles are formed and 2 pairs are vertically opposite each other.


In the diagram : Angle at Intersection : angle b = d is equal,  a = c is equal
Also sum of all the angles at the point : a + b + c + d = 360o

The angles formed when a transverse line cuts two parallel line.

1. The corresponding  angles are congruent. a = e, b = f, d = h, e = g.

Angles lines Intersection parallel line

2. Alternate angles are congruent , g = d, h = c,

3. Interior angles on the same side are supplementary – h+d = g + c = 180o

4. The sum of opposite internal angles is h +c = g + d = 180o

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