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Area and volume of cylinder and cone

Cone and Cylinder-Areas and Volume Formula

The following are the formulas for Area and Volume of cylinder and cone

If you will note the Surface area of Cylinder = 2 x (area of circle- top and base) + surface area of curved (round) section

Area of cylinder = (2 x  ∏ x r^2) + (2 x ∏ x r x h)  where r is radius of the cylinder, h is the height, ∏ is pi symbol = 3.14…

Volume of cylinder = Area of Circle x Height of Cylinder = ∏ x (r^2) x h

Surface area of cone = Area of Curved section + Area of base circle = ∏ x r^2 +∏x r x l   = ∏ x r (r^2 + L) L is length of the curved section

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