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Build vocabulary by learning latin roots of the words

Learn Latin Roots to build Vocabulary….

A free course on building vocabulary by learning latin roots of words. Latin roots are most common in English language, if one knows the meaning of roots it is easier to learn the words. Once the basic of roots is understood the vocabulary built up is very fast. Do subscribe to this course, there are 5 chapters all available at once we also send email reminders daily in case you would like to practice chapter a day.

  • Build vocabulary by learning latin roots of the words
  • Around 100 common roots included segregated in 5 parts
  • A 5 day course with email reminders
  • It’s all FREE

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  1. annamalai says:

    where to subscribe to post there is no content…here only heading…..

    1. Mamta says:

      The post you are referring to is a course sign-up form. Once you fill in the form, there course content will be available to you in your my accoynt section. So do the following.

      1. 1 . Sign up in the form given in the page by giving your name and email id
      2. 2 . Check your email, there will be a mail from http://readin.net, confim that you are interested to join the course.
      3. 3 . Go to http://readin.net/my-account/ and check the lessons available in the course
      4. 4 . It is a free course, but all the lessons may be available either immediately (In this case they are) or they are added to your account in sequential basis

      I hope this will help