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Build vocabulary-learn common english prefix

Building and solving english vocabulary questions become very easy if the common prefix, suffix and roots of the words are known. The given below table gives some common prefixes, their meaning and ussage

Learn word prefix for English Vocabulary 

 Prefix  Meaning of Prefix  Word Example  Meaning of the word
Anti   Opposite  Antidote counterpoison 
Ante Before Antecede Be earlier in time; go back further
Bi Two Bi-annual Occurring or payable twice each year
Co together coaction Act of working jointly
Con Togther concatenate Add by linking or joining so as to form a chain or series
Contra Against contraband  banned by law or against law
Duo Two duologue A conversation between two persons
Counter against counteract Act in opposition to
Circum around Circumambulate Walk around something
Dis Not, Away or Opposite of Disadvantage 


Not getting advantage 

Break Affliliation

Ex Out or From Expel asked to go
Inter Between  

or together



Act between parties 

Act together

Intra Within (in many things like school, people etc) Intranet Net with in organisation
Intro Into or within, used more in inner sense of anything Introspect to look within inside
Macro Large macrocytic Abnormally large red blood cell
Mal Bad, Worng, ill malpractice Wrong practice
Mono One Monocle Single eye glass
Mis Wrong Misinterpretation Wrong Interpretation
Mini Tiny, Small Minorty Small in proportion
Multi Many Multifaceted Many Faces
Non Not nonadaptive Not Adaptive
Tetra Four Tetrapack A four layered pack
Tri Three Tricolored Three Colored
Omni all Omnipotent All Powerfull
Pent Five Pentacle A star with 5 points
Poly Many Polygon A shape with many side
Pre Before Preset Already set
Post After Postlunch After Lunch


False or Fake pseudonym False or Fake name
Quadri Four Quadraple A fourth part of circle
Quint Five quintet A musical composition for five performers


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