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Build vocabulary-learn common english suffix-part2

This is the 2nd part of suffix, an easy way to build english vocabulary. In the given below table is a next set of suffix with their meanings and examples. You can also refer to the following to  part1 of -learn-common-english-suffix and learn-common-english-prefix . Learing these all sufix will help to solve the verbal part the of the competitive exams very easily.

Learn word suffix for English Vocabulary 

 Suffix  Meaning of Suffix  Word Example  Meaning of the word
-er or -ier compare to better or brighter self explained words
-ed in the past tense worked work in the past
-ence or ency act or process of emergency, dependence urgent act or depend on
-ery collective qualities gallery collection of
-es normally used for plural glasses, passes pair of glass or many pass
-ment act or condition of Amusement act of amusing
-less lacking of Effortless lacking effort
-ly act of depletion the state of being true
-ful full of meaningful full of meaning
-ous full of Humorous full of humour
-tion act, state or condition of refutation   speech act of answering an attack on your assertions
-itis inflammation of tonsillitis Inflammation of the tonsils


Study of  Oncology concerned with the study and treatment of tumors
-ia name of or disease Phobia fear of something

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