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Build vocabulary-learn common english suffix

The syllables added to the end of the root word that changes its meaning or enhances its significane are called as Suffix. Given below in the table are list of the common suffix, their meaning, examples and meaning of the example. Learning suffix can be a lots of help in identifying the correct answers for the vocabulary section or verbal part of the competitive examinations. These can also be used in sentence corrections questions as well.

To read on the common prefixes please go to learn-common-english-prefix

Learn word suffix for English Vocabulary 

 Suffix  Meaning of Suffix  Word Example  Meaning of the word
-ate to cause to or to become Confisticate to take legal possession of
-ance the state of or being of quality Parlance A state of native speaking
-acy the state or quality of being accuracy the state of being true


represents a place planetarium where equipments for solar systems are kept
-ary/-ory denotes a place observatory place to observe
-ade act of or made of blockade or lemonade to block or made of lemon
-al act or process of refusal  to deny or refuse
-able capable of being capable, presentable capable of being presented
-cide  to kill insecticide chemical to kill insects
-drome run or setup Aerodrome Airport, setup for airplanes
-en to make or cause broaden to make broad
-esque to remind of or make of picturesque to make it suitable for picture
-ify/ -fy to make or cause of Instensify to make it more intense or acute
-ise to make or to give picturise to make picture of
-ial pertaining to partial, musical pertaining to parts or music
-ic pertaining to Historic Pertaining to history
-ive having quality of descriptive, perspective have perspective or description of
-ish Somewhat, to a degree, approximately childish sonewhat like a child
-ism a state or condition, belief or principle populism A political state that supports rights and belief of people

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