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Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part2

Next set of word with latin roots, learning english vocabulary can be very easy if one understand the roots of the words. Here are some common latin word roots with the word example and the meaning of the word. If meaning of word root is understood understanding the ussage of the word in the sentence is also quite easy. Lets go to the table

You can also learn word with latin roots from A to C over here : common-latin-word-roots

Common Latin Word Roots 

Root  Meaning of Root  Word Example  Meaning of the word (Ussage)
Damn, -Demn to inflict loss Damnation to wish harm to
Deb Owe Debit to charge
Dens Thick Condense to make thick
Dexter Right Dexterity adept or ability to do in right way
Doc-, Doct- teach Docile Willing to be taught
Dors- back Dorsal Back part
Duc-, Duct- lead Introduction, Conductor  
Emul- striving to be equal Emulation Ambition to be equal
Eu- Well Euphoria Feeling of great elation
Eur- Wide Europe  
Exo- Outside Exothermic Heat Releasing
Falc- sickle Falcate

sickle shapped

Fatu- Foolishness Fatuous Stupidity
Felic- Happy, Merry Felicity Happiness
Fell- Suck Fellate go down on (not used in good sense)
Femor- Thigh Femoral, Femoris Related to thight, Thigh Bone
Fend- Prevent Defend, Fender to prevent attack on oneself, Barrier to prevent
Fenestr- Window Defenestrate Throw out of window
Fer- Carry Reference, Transfer  
Fet- Stink Fetid, Fetor Offensively malodorous , unpleasent odour
Fusc- Dark Obfuscation Darkening of sight or confussion
Fove- Shallow round depression Foveal Small depression in retina of eyes

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