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Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part 3

The list of vocabulary words with latin roots, the given below table gives the list of words with latin prefix or suffix and their ussgae. This table is 3rd in the series of the post earlier in this website

Common Latin Word Roots

Root  Meaning of Root  Word Example  Meaning of the word (Ussage)
Gel- icy cold Gelid Extremely cold
Glabr- hairless Glabrous Hairless
Gladi sword Gladiator Professional Fighter
guttur- Thorat Guttural Making sound from Throat
hal-, hel- breathe Inhale, Anhelation To breathe, Problem in breathing
Heim- Winter Heimal Relating to Winter
Hirsut- Hairy Hirsute  Haired
Hispid- Hairy Hispidity Hispidity
Irasc, Irat Be angry Irascible Characterised by anger
Jac- lie adjacent near by
Joc- Humorous Jocular Humorous
Luc bright, light lucifer Devil, more related to evil light
Leni- Gentle Leniency mercifulness
mal- Bad, Wretched malfeasance Wrongful conduct by public official
maj- greater Majascule Uppercase
melior- better Amelioration betterment
merc- reward, wages, hire Mechantile Reward or Profit oriented
mulg-,muls- milk    
nemor- grove, woods Nemoral  pertaining to woods
nict- wink Nictari  
niger- black Denigrate to blacken the reputation, charge falsely
nonagesim- Ninetieth    

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