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Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part 4

Next set of word with latin roots starting from alphabet O, learning english vocabulary can be very easy if one understand the roots of the words. Here are some common latin word roots with the word example and the meaning of the word. If meaning of word root is understood understanding the ussage of the word in the sentence is also quite easy. Lets go to the table

Common Latin Word Roots 

Root  Meaning of Root  Word Example  Meaning of the word (Ussage)
Ovi Sheep Ovis Sheep
Osti Entrance Ostiole Samll Pore
Opercul- Liitle Cover operculum Cover Plate
Oment Right Omental A fold of membrane
Omnis Present every where Omnipresent Ubiquitous
Od Hate Odour Foul Smell
Pac Peace Pacifism Violence unjustified
Palli- Mantle Pallium Mantle
Pariet- Wall Parietal Membrane Bone
Pecun- Money Pecuniary Monetary 
Pejor- Worse Pejorative Expressing disapproval
Protare to carry Transport

to move

Plicare to fold Application Putting one thing of another
Pluvi rain Pluvial Formed because of lake
Prav Crooked Pravus Evil, Wicked
Preter- Past Preterite In the past
Quot- How many Quota A prescribed number

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