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Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part 5

Possibly the last set of word with latin roots starting from alphabet S, learning english vocabulary can be very easy if one understand the roots of the words. Here are some common latin word roots with the word example and the meaning of the word. If meaning of word root is understood understanding the ussage of the word in the sentence is also quite easy. Lets go to the table

Common Latin Word Roots 

Root  Meaning of Root  Word Example  Meaning of the word (Ussage)
sagitt- arrow Sagittal Plane  
Scribere to write Scribe Person who makes copies
 Sentire  to feel  Sentiments  feelings
 specere to look at  Spectacle  Impressive Sights
spirare   to breathe Respiration  to breathe 
 surg  rise Resurgent  New Life and Vigour
supin   lying back Supination  Rotation of hand up and down 
sulc-   Furrow Sulcus  Fissure 
 su-, sut-  Sew Suture   Immovable Joint


 Wonder  Stupor  Shock
 Soror-  sister  Sorority  Female Club
 sorb- sorpt-  to suck  Absorption

 to immerse inside

 somn-  sleep Insomnia  Sleep Disorder 


 left Sinistral   On the left


 blood  Sanguine  A blood red color some also means Optimistic
 tac-, tic-  be silent  reticent, tacit  Quite and Sober, Silent
 tard-  be slow  retard  move slowly
tenu- slender, thin Tenous Thin Consistency
tep- warm Tepid Moderately warm
torpe- numb Torpor Lethargy
uber- fruitful Exuberant Joyously unrestrained
unden- eleven each undenary Notational System based on eleven
ungul- claw ungulate Having Hoofs
Uxor- Wife uxoricide murderer of wife
vad-vas- go evade to avoid
vel- obscure revelation astonishing disclosure
vell-,vuls- pull convulsion sudden uncontrollable pull
vener- respectful Veneration feeling of respect
vesper- evening, western Vesper Evening Star
vet- forbid Veto Deny
vicen-, vigen- Twenty Vicenary Quantitaive based on 20

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