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Build vocabulary with common latin word roots

Learning english vocabulary can be very easy if one understand the roots of the words. Here are some common latin word roots with the word example and the meaning of the word. If meaning of word root is understood understanding the ussage of the word in the sentence is also quite easy. Lets go to the table

Common Latin Word Roots 

Root  Meaning of Root  Word Example  Meaning of the word (Ussage)
Amic, imic friend Amicable friendly (amoicable settlement)
Ampl Plenty Ample Plentiful (Ample Space)
Argent Silver Argentiferous Containing Silver
Aug-, Auct- Grow or increase Augment to increase (Augment Staff)
Audire to hear Audience group of listners
Acri Sharp, Pungent Acrimonious Bitter (Acrimonious Relationship)
Adip Fat Adiposis Overweight
Aur Realted to gold Aureate Golden (long aureate hair)
Bac Rod Shaped Bacteria Rod shapped organism
Belli War Belliful Combative
Bib Drink Imbibe Take in (Imbibe ethical principles)
Bon(i) Good Bonus

Bonitary ( mean beneficial)

Bov Related to Cow or Ox Bovine Means slow sluggish as cow or ox
Brev(i) brief Brevity Briefness
Bucc Mouth Buccal Related to mouth
Burs Purse Disburse Pay from purse
Capit Head Decapitation Execute from head
Caten Chain Concatenation Chain
Caud Tail Caudal Relating to tail
Cern Sift discern See or hear differences
cili eyelash cilia Eyelashes
cing-, cinct- grid succinct Briefly giving the gist of something
clement mild inclement Severe (notice “in” reverses the meaning)
coron Related to crown coronate enthrone
crass thick crassitude thick skinned or insensitive
crist crest cristate to form crest
culp fault exculpate acquit or clear
cuspid Point bicuspid having two cusps or points

We will cover the latin root words starting from d and finishing up to z in coming posts.

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