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Building concentration for examination day

“He who concentrates on any one thing with singleness of purpose will ultimately acquire the capacity to do everything.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

To take advantage of the 100 % of effort one has put in practising and learning for the competitive examination, he or she needs full concentration on the examination day. It is seen sometimes a student in-spite of his/her full preparation is not able to perform at its best in the examination. How does one goes about it. 

Building concentration is a slow process and one has to constantly work on it, it all about the mental state and frame of mind. There factors can be internal or external, however if one is aware about, he/she can work on it. We have highlighted few of them and possible solutions for the same.

Anxiety : One the most frequent and worst of all. An anxious person looses it ability to think and is prone to mistakes.  It is fear of unknown that creates anxiety


  1. Drink Enough water, Take deep Breathes, Relax and Take Rest.
  2. Make preparations early prepare your stationery box, keep admit tickets and id card and other exams requirements stuff properly stacked in one place  [DAP errMsgTemplate=”LONG”]
  3. If need to travel reach the examination center well before in time
  4. DO NOT keep the preparations ON TILL LAST MINUTE

Lack of Interest: Some time a feeling just lingers before exams that you will not make it or it is very difficult and so on


  1. DO NOT read any statistics about the competitive exams before the exams
  2. DO NOT read any new contents for examinations, if need be just brush up key concepts as day before or night before exams
  3. Talk to your friends, relax and chill ( NO NABAD)
  4. be yourself, if you don’t feel to study DON’t. Any way if you have wasted (in case) a year not studying last 48 hours are not going to make any difference

Sleeping and Eating : Moderation is key, EAT and SLEEP in balance, In-fact I would suggest you should follow a routine all the year round while preparing for the examination. This keeps the body fit, body clock in perfection and avoid exhaustion, drowsiness and stomach related issues on the day of the exam.

Breaks while studying and Preparations: My suggestion is to take one sitting of approx.  3 hours, while many suggest to take break after half hour or one hour, I am against it. Sometime we get up for break and break goes on. The concentration can’t build in for short times. I will suggest to keep a glass of water and few biscuits in handy, if the need be arising. However it better to study one concept and test it thoroughly in one go

Secluded Place: I will suggest to position your study place where ever at home or tuition classes or in library as follows:

  1. At home: Keep the study table in room farthest from the living room, TV room or kitchen ideally not facing to roads or open space. If such a room does not exist, insist on your parent to keep the TV off, talk slowly and not to entertain too many guest
  2. At Tuition classes: Sit in the front rows, it has advantages; Tutor has easy access and monitor well, you can listen clearly and are not distracted by other students sitting in your front.
  3. In public places like library or labs, try to take places which has minimum distractions are away from alley etc.

Avoid TV completely : I feel TV takes the prime time and one does not realise what a waste of time TV is. It needs attention from most important senses Eyes and Ears and that too simultaneously? 🙁

Ultimately it all depends on how much craving you have to pass the competitive exam you are applying for. If you are determined, I am sure all the points mentioned above will come very automatically and spontaneously to you. As you will realise these distractions are not letting you achieve your daily goals. If you liked this post please do pour in your comments  [/DAP] [ad#Post-Bottom]