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Common Confusing and similar words with meanings

The words which are very similar in sound and pronunciation but different in meaning are called as homophones. These words are commonly used in reading comprehension leading to mistakes. Some of such common homophones are included in the table given below. By heart all the words, this would stand good in questions asked in competitive exams such as synonyms, antonyms and reading comprehension

Homophones- Freequently confused words

Word 1 Word 2 Meaning – Word 1  Meaning Word 2
Accept Except Admit Exclude
Access Excess had reach Abundant
Adapt Adopt to adjust to take care of or own
Affect Effect to influence resulting
Among Between With all ( one of many) Interval to or divide share
Assure Insure Ascertain or Gurantee be careful or protect
Beside Besides By the side or next to In Addition to
Breath Breathe Respiration (used as nown) Be alive (Used as Verb)
Capital (Nown) Capital (Adjective) Money Most Important
Complement Compliment match praise
Disinterested Uninterested Unaffected by self-interest Not showing interest
Envelop Envelope Surround Paper Cover
Farther Further Go beyond In Addition to
Loose Lose Not tight Fail to Win
Overdo Overdue Extra Effort Late
Perosnal Personnel Individual Employees
Proceed Proceeds to Continue Profits from
Preceed to go before
Principle Principal (Adjective) Law or standard Most Important Element
Principal (Nown)  Incharge of like School
 Than  Then  Used to compare (taller than me)  After than (used in context of time)
 There  Their  Used for place  used for denoting people
Whether Weather If Climate

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