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Concepts on solving problems based on clocks

MBA Problem solving based on clock

Solving Problems based on clock

Some of most interesting problems asked in current competitive exams are based on clocks. Here are some basic concepts, tips and tricks for solving such problems.

For every 60 units that a minute hand move in an hour , the hour hand moves 5 units.

Degrees turned by hour hand in 1 minute = 0.5 degrees

Degrees turned by minute hand in 1 minute = 6 degrees

Number of right angles    

Solve the quiz based on Clock problems >>> Click here

1) A clock makes two right angles between 2 hours
2) The clock does not makes 48 right angles in 24 hours( 1 day) – Because  :  Between 2 -4 and 8-10 there are 3 right angles and not 4

Questions related to clock chimes like how many times clock will chime are explained in Quiz question explanations : –A certain clock every hour by striking a number of times equal to the hour, and the time required for a stroke is exactly equal to the time interval between strokes, at 6:00 the time lapse between the beginning of the first stroke and the end of the last stroke is 22 seconds.

Trick is to solve – Every hour chimes equal to time, since the gap between the chimes is equal, it can reprersented as  twice the time required for each chime minus one and set equal to time required for that time. This can help solve the problem go to the quiz for details explanation

Question related to slow and fast pacing clocks and at what time clock will show correct time is explained in quiz along with question for example – A wall clock gains  3 mins in 12 hours while a table clock loses 2 mins in  24 hours; both are set right at noon on Tuesday. What is the correct time when they both show the same time next?

Say after x time both clocks show same time form an eqation and solve the problem, quiz section shows details explanation 

Questions related to angles between the hands : What time after 2 O’Clock will the clock make an angle of 90 degree?

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