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Day and Date Problem Solving- Some Important Points to remember

In the day and date problems, these are some important concepts where there is a possibility of making mistakes. So answers to the few questions like In how many years a calendar repeats itself?  Take some time to memorise the following points, as they will make all the difference in solving these kind of problems

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Some important day and dates to remember are as follows:

1. January 1st 1901 was Tuesday

2. A century has a 5 odd days and a leap year has 6 odd days. This helps to calculate and answer the which day of the week after a given date?

3. A century leap year is different from a normal leap. Century year is only a leap year when it is divisible by 400, where as a normal year is called leap year when it is divisible by 4. For example 1600 and 200o are the leap century years and 1700, 1800 and 1900 are normal century years

4. In a normal year 1st January and 2nd July and 1st October fall on the same day. In a leap year 1st January 1st July and 30th September fall on the same day

5. Calendar repeats after every 400 years

6. The hour and the minute hand meet each other after every 65(5/11) minutes after being together at midnight.

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