Published on December 2nd, 2010 In category Education | Maths

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Day and Date Problem Solving

Some time in the examinations following kind of day and date problems are asked?

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The trick to solve this problem is very easy >  Move a day backward in weekdays for a normal year and two days backward for leap year. So in this case – since 25th December 2010 is Saturday, 25th Dec. 2009 would be Friday, 25th Dec. 2008 (being leap year move backward by 2 days) would be Wednesday and so on. Similrly the days can be answered based on dates in future by moving days forward.

The correct Answer is SUNDAY

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  1. SUBHASIS says:

    how to know a year is a leap year???

  2. Steven says:

    hi, good tip, but the leap year is not 2008 but 2010

  3. pooja says:

    quite easy and helpful

    1. Sudeep Gupta says:

      Pooja, Thanks for encouraging words

  4. Petta says:

    Absolutely Great! The contexts were being very informational and helpful. I’ve learned a large amount of ideas through this stuff. Thank you!