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Published on March 25th, 2010 In category Division and Multiplication tricks | Education | Maths

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Easy Multiplcation Trick

There are easy tricks that can help you do maths in your mind. Yes, Vedic Mathematics helps you do that. Suppose you would like to mutltiply as follows – 22 x 43 – This seem to be tough without paper. Use the following rule, you can do it mentally . You can practice the concept by trying this quiz

    • Multiply first numeral (2) of first number to the first numeral (4) of second number, this gives the first numeral of the result = 8
    • Multiply the digit and tens of numbers in cross and in above example multiply
      Ten’s place (4) of second number to units place of the first number (2) –
      Smilarly do it vice versa i.e. multiply 2 x 3 and add the result – (4 x 2) +
      (2 x 3) = 14

Multiply the units place i.e. – 2 x 3 = 6

    • Now the result can be returned as follows – first numeral – 8 +1 = 9, Carry forward for 1 from 14 in the second numeral so 2nd numeral is 4 and last numeral is 6 – The total number is 94

We will publish the quiz on this concept in near future.