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Published on July 23rd, 2012 In category Maths

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Easy trick to calculate percentages

Situation when we need to calculate the percentages in our mind are quite common. Think when was the last time you talked to your friends or colleagues in percentages. Probably while calculating the tips at restaurant you thought of percentages or while parting your chocolates with your friends, perhaps if you are earning then you would have thought about percentage of your salary you are paying for rent, mortgages or fuel for your vehicle. These are real life situation and are often asked in the competitive examinations. 

So what is easiest way to calculate the percentages. Think like this :

  • There some percentages that are easiest: For eg: 50 % mean half, 25 % mean 1/4 and 75 % mean 3/4

So if the question is how much is 50 % of 32, one can easy calculate the answer in the mind as 32 divided by 2 is equal to 16. Similarly if question is asked how much is 75 % of 32, immediately one can divide 32 by  4 which is equal to 8 and multiply by 3 that is 24

  • So so good, however if the question is about percentages in multiple of 10, the trick is quite simple- ( Divide by 10 & multiply by first figure)
So if the question is how much is 30 % of 40, immediately answer can 40 divided by 10 is 4 and multiplied by 3 = 12. If it is asked how much is 30 % of 44 then answer will be in decimal. You a give a try to answer this
  • Again if the question is how much is 17 % of say 300. In such a case follow this trick, break 17 % into 10 % + 5 % + 2% now calculate.  10 %  of 300 is 30 , 5 % of 300 is half of 10 % (i.e. 30/2= 15) and 2 % ( 2 x 1% of 300 = 2 x 3= 6) so it all adds up to 51

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