Published on June 17th, 2012 In category Exam Strategy

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Easy tricks for complete the sentence type questions

In this article I will provide some time tested easy tricks to solve question on complete the sentences. These tricks are very easy to learn and once you will apply these and make your habit, it will help you to scores good marks in competitive exams. I have provided there tricks step by step

  1. Always read the sentence first, DO NOT read the choices.
  2. Read all the choices, do not make your mind for answers unless you have considered all the choices
  3. If you sentence completion question has 2 blank,
    1. first read the full sentence, try to make sense of the sentence
    2. Try to fill in the first blank with the initial word of the set, if the first word does not fit, the set is automatically eliminated.
  4. Watch for the connectors in the sentence  ( We will post full material to explain in details, keep checking) Here is link  ( tricks-for-complex-sentence-formation )
  5. Convert the complex sentence into sets of simple sentence
  6. Use simple grammar in the sentence to figure out the answer and then select the synonyms from the choices

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