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English Vocabulary Flash Card full set download

PDF FileThanks we appreciate your patronage.

In the English Vocabulary Download set

  • All the words are included and presented in the nice format
  • All the words are consolidated in single file ( Aprrox. Size – 12 MB)
  • If you can’t download the file of large sizes, please download in 3 parts each file is 4.5 MB each
  • You can easily print and fold to form flash card or read as it is
  • Check out Bonus down as given below

One more step before you can download the files for English Vocabulary Flash Card.

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How to download – Right click on the link and click save as, save in appropriate location in your computer. You will need Adobe reader to read and print the file

  1. Download Full Flash Card File (  Approx- 12 MB) PDF File
  1. Download English Vocabulary Flash Card Book- Part 1 (Aprox. Size 4.5 MB) PDF File
  2. Download English Vocabulary Flash Card Book- Part 2 (Aprox. Size 4.5 MBPDF File
  3. Download English Vocabulary Flash Card Book- Part 3 (Aprox. Size 4.5 MB) PDF File


  1. First Bonus

A course on Building Vocabulary Using Multiple Choice Question. The course is added to your my Account Page

  1. Second Bonus
A course on building vocabulary with latin roots of the words is added to your my account page