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Formulae for area of quadrilaterals

Area of QuardilateralsThe following post provides the formulae for areas of the quadrilaterals such as Parallelogram, Square, Rhombus, Trapezium and a regular hexagon

For a parallelogram: The example of Parallelogram includes, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus and Rhomboid

  • Area =Base x Height = Product of 2 slides x sine of included angles
  • Diagonal bisect each other

For a Rectangle:

  • Area = Length x Breadth
  • Perimeter = 2 (Length + Breadth)
  • Diagonal are equal and bisect each other

For a Square

  • Area = (Side)2
  • Perimeter = 4 x (side)
  • Diagonal  = Sq root of (2) x Side
  • Diameter of Inscribed circle = Side
  • Diameter of Circumscribed circle = Diagonal
  • Diagonal are equal and bisect each other at right angle (90o)
  • Area = Half of (Diagonal)2


Area of Rhobus


  • Diagonal bisect each other
  • Area = Half of d1 x d2



Area = Half of Product of Diagonal



Median = half of (Sum of Parallel Sides)

Area = Half of Sum of parallel Side x Height





  • Perimeter = 6 x side