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How to form plural nouns by using some common rules

English GrammarYou can easily form the plurals of the nouns by using these rules, it will help you to avoid mistakes while spelling and and writing common words in English

For all those words that do no fall into the given below category, just go ahead and include a “s” in the end of the word to form plural of the word. for e.g. boy => boys, girl = > girls. Can you think of some other examples try these one desk, book, pen, shop, train, name, friend etc.

There are some special rules for forming plurals if the nouns end with the following condition:

  1. if the noun ends with letters: in ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘x’ or ‘z’ ADD -> es for e.g. beach => beaches, wish => wishes, ax => axes, fox=> foxes, loss=> losses etc.
  2. if the noun ends with:  f or fe CHANGE f or fe ->ves for e.g. life => lives, wife=> wives, half=> halves
  3. if the noun ends with: ful then ADD s to make plural for e.g. cupful=> cupfuls, spoonful=> spoonfuls
  4. if the noun ends with y and y is preceded with vowels (a,e,i,o,u) ADD s for e.g. play=> plays, guys
  5. If the now ends with y and y is  preceded with consonant CHANGE y to ies for e.g. city=> cities, berry=> berries, lady=> ladies
  6.  if the noun ends with o and is preceded with consonant ADD es for e.g. cargo=> cargoes, mango=> mangoes, hero=> heroes
  7. if the noun ends with o and is preceded with vowels ADD s for e.g. radio=>radios, patio=> patios
  8. if the noun is a compound word then just add as for e.g. daughter-in-law=> daughters-in-law, passer-by => passers-by

Some where you just need to remember:

  1. The noun remains same in plural form: sheep=> sheep, fish=> fish, tuna=> tuna, series=> series
  2. The noun word change entirely in plural form : man=> men, woman=> women, person=> people, goose=> geese etc.

Try out these words for exercise, use the spoiler (plus sign) to decode the answers. You can use the comment form to add more noun and plurals

[su_spoiler title=”Tooth, Foot, Die (as of machine die) , Mouse, Nucleus, Criterion, Deer, Trout, person, Banana, Watch, Quiz”]Teeth, Feet, Dice, Mice, Nuclei, Criteria, Dee,. Trout, People, Bananas, Watches, Quizzes[/su_spoiler]

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