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How to use the punctuation in English sentence

Punctuations in a sentence can make the meaning or break the meaning. Though we use period (.), colon (,), semicolon (;) , question mark (?), quotations marks (” “), Apostrophe (‘) and exclamation mark (!) we hardly ever ponder that a right or wrong placement do make a lots of difference to the meaning of English sentence. In this article we are providing with you the rules for correct punctuation in the English sentence.

Colon (:)

It is used

  • In a sentence for start of list of items for eg.  Shyama ask krish to pick the following items: paneer, vegetables and oil
  • At the end of salutation in a formal letter Dear Mr. Sathe:
  • used in formal letters after letters like subject: or reference:
  • Can be used in place of comma in a sentence before the direct quote – 
  • to separate digits between the time like party is planned at 7:15 pm
  • in the bibliographical citation or notes
  • Between tittles and subtitles
Semicolon (;)
It is used
  • in a sentence before the adverbial words like however, therefore, nevertheless for eg.  Pintu had a broken arm; nevertheless he passed the exams with flying colors
  • used to separate individual items or group of words in a sentence for eg. the classes are planned for  Tuesday, 8th January;  Thursday 10th January and  Monday 14th January
Apostrophe (‘) 
It is used
when letters are deleted in the words for eg. I’ m
  • to denote ownership (Please note) very Imp. points
  • it is written with a s in the end for the ownership by a single person or item for eg. While she went of vacation Radha’s car got covered with dust
  • when used with plural word apostrophe is used after s for eg. The reports’ papers were lying all over the floor
Quotation marks (” ” )
It is used for 
  • The dialogue and conversations between two or more speaker for eg. The ABC news reported: ” Builders are responding to lack of demand by giving huge discounts.”
  • The titles of chapters, articles, poems, songs, and short stories
  • Imp. Point. single quotation marks when enclosing quoted material inside a direct quotation for eg. When Mamta and myself were discussing poems of Mahadevi Verma, she commented, “I really appreciate her Mahadevi Verma’s thoughts:’throw my on the path of the freedom frighter’.”
PERIOD (.)  
it is used
  • Signal the end of completion of a sentence for eg. Ram went to market, when ever the sentence does NOT ends with a question or surprise element a period is used
  • Between numbers used for currency or marks for eg. Rs. 2.50 or 65.5 % marks
  • To denote the abbreviated name of the organisation like Jack and Jill Co. Ltd.

Questions Mark (?)

This is used for signal the end of sentence when some ask for information in form of a question, it can be used in 

  • Either in a direct sentence for eg. what is your name
  • If within a  sentence some asks question in direct quote  Ram asked Shyam” Where did Radha go for lunch?”
  • If the sentence include a question in direct quote for eg.  Ram asked, ” Anyone wants more water?”

Exclamation point ( ! )

it is used to 

  • Denote strong emotions or expression like What a car!
  • After an interjection Alas !
  • Used in sentence only in direct quote for eg. Ram exclaimed, ” Wow! what a car.”