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Published on March 4th, 2010 In category General

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Indian Parliament Building

Do you Know :

  • Indian parliament building construction started in 1921 and was completed in year 192
  • The building was designed by two famous architects- Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker
  • The cost of construction was Rs. 83 lakhs
  • The building has 12 gates, the gate on Sansad Marg is main gate
  • The building is adorned by 144 massive pillars, height of each pillar is 27 Feet ( 8.23 Meters)
  • It is circular in shape with a diameter of 560 Feet ( 170.69 Meters)
  • It covers an area of six acres (24281.16 square metres)
  • The Central Hall is circular in shape and its dome which is 98 ft. (29.87 metres) in diameter is stated to be one of the most magnificent domes in the world
  • The basic structure for the building is conceived as a Reinforced Cement Concrete framed structure with column spacings generally of 5 metre. The intermediate floors are of coffer unit construction while the roof is partly of coffer units and partly with steel-and-concrete domes


  1. priya says:

    it gives a lot of information but the horizontal and vertical planning of the area,the spaces it contains are mentioned. So can you plz add those things,it would be better and helpful especially to the students of architecture.