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Learn Place Values in Maths- Download Worksheet

Place Value of NumbersThe place value of the numbers is basics of Maths and is an important concept. In the Indian system we follow the Lakhs and Crore System. Where as United states and in some other western countries they follow the Millions, Hundred Thousand convention.

Feel free to download these 2 file

  1. Wordfile- Explain the concept of the place value and the ways to represent the number- You can also click on the photo and it will popup in larger size – Like the link and download Teaching-Place-Value
  2. The Worksheet for practice- The excel sheet has 4 worksheets- lesson, excercise- 1 , 2 & 3. All the values in the exercise will refresh and can be printed as new worksheet for unlimited no. of time. Same can be download here Free Worksheet to Practice Maths Place Value

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