Published on August 2nd, 2011 In category Exam Strategy

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Managing speed with accuracy in competitive exams

Most of the competitive exams format is on multiple choice questions today, where student always has this question in his mind. Should one go for speed in solving questions or accuracy in finding answers. In any MBA entrance exams may be it is CAT, XAT, MAT or Bank PO for that matter the number questions included in test paper is far more than the capability of any average student to finish in the allotted time. Since there is a negative marking, accuracy is very important in solving all problems. It may seem that the accuracy and speed are dependent on each other in competitive exams and one can’t control one parameter by affecting other.

HOWEVER, that’s not true !!! You can manage to have handle on both what is needed is to take care of following points   

Practice, Practice, Practice…

What you need to do while practicing  is as follows:

1. Format of the test paper: Check out previous question papers and the notes provided with the examination application form. Take a note of the arrangement of section like Quantitative, Reading comprehensions, Vocabulary and number of questions in each section etc. Mind you the CAT format has been changing in last 10 years. Now the CAT happened in online format and there are normally 60-70 questions in each section, normally there are 3 sections and total time of 2:15 Minutes [DAP errMsgTemplate=”LONG”]

2. Familarise with the standard type of maths problems: We have provided several formulas for solving common type of problems asked in MBA entrance exams. This will help to speed up the solution while avoiding mistakes

3. Learn the multiplication tables up to 30 :Believe me it looks simple and thinking is we already know it, but that is not the case when we are sitting in exams. These multiplication table will speed your solution process with higher accuracy

4. Learn to approximate and skip: The MBA exam or most MCQ compettive exam format is not to check your ability to solve the problems. It is to check your ability to take decision which one to solve and ones to leave. There are some that are time eaters levae them, don’t bring emotions to handle the problem by bull’s horn

5. Build your vocabulary : if your vocabulary is big and good, it helps to solve problems based on synonyms, antonyms and reading comprehension very easily.

6. Read the question with care: Some times in hurry we do not pay attention on the questions itself. The examiner sometime includes the common incorrect answers to make you a fool. Do not fall in the trap. Be sure what is asked and reply accordingly

If you follows these simple instructions while practicing for entrance exams, I am very sure your will not be disappointed with the result. [/DAP]

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