Sentence pattern with infinitives in basic English grammar

As promised I would be discussing certain sentence pattern seen with infinitives. These are as follows  » » Continue to read » » »

Basics of English Grammar- Infinitives

Infinitives are an integral part of sentence completion and one of the basic concepts in English grammar. It is very essential to know the specific form of verb to be filled in the gap. In this post I therefore would be discussing about infinitives.

Infinitive is a kind of verb, usually the first form  » » Continue to read » » »

Reasoning Ability Quiz- Expression based questions

Here in this post we have included quiz on Reasoning ability based on the expressions types questions.

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How to use Gerunds in sentence formation

In this post I would be discussing about Gerunds. A gerund is a verb which is used as noun . It always ends with –ing. It can be used as – » » Continue to read » » »

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