Tips for solving English analogy type questions

Solving English Analogy questions made easy with the following tricks?

In these types of questions you are required to find out the relationship between two words in the question and choose the answer with the similar relationship. The emphasis is rather more on the relationship than the isolated word which is very precise . Analogy comes in various patterns , you need to precisely » » Continue to read » » »

10 sure shot tricks to get top marks in competitive exams

Have you across the situation when you felt, you knew everything but couldn’t give answer while in examination room?

These 10 points will help you a lot

All of us prepare for the competitive exam day in and out. Your parents spend a fortune to get you books, get admission to best coaching classes. But on the D-day you could deliver. There can be many reason for this situation. Given below are 10 points you should keep in mind and these will help you to deliver 100% on the » » Continue to read » » »

Reasoning ability quiz- seating arrangements

Few more questions on reasoning ability with seating arrangement type questions. You can also check earlier reasoning ability quiz on seating arrangements. This quiz is more of mixed bag on the questions where as the earlier quiz was on multiple questions on same scenarios
» » Continue to read » » »

Reasoning ability quiz- book arrangement questions

 Reasoning ability quiz on the book arrangements type problems, these types of questions have been earlier asked in competitive examinations like Bank PO , GMAT, MBA etc. Take this quiz, the question go here » » Continue to read » » »

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