Reasoning Ability Quiz- Seating arrangement problems

This quiz will help you answer the questions based on seating arrangement that are normally asked in the reasoning ability sections of competitive exams. There are only 4 questions but it gives very good idea on » » Continue to read » » »

Reasoning Ability Quiz- Questions on comparison type

Reasoning type questions form an important part in today’s competitive exam like Bank PO, Clerical grade and other entrance exams. There are 15 questions that cover this topic and  questions covered are comparison type. Take this quiz and practice to make your reasoning perfect

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Quiz on reasoning ability

Take this quiz to check your reasoning ability with numbers. There are 4 questions based on the 5 numbers of 3 digits. You will have to think quickly and come up answer. » » Continue to read » » »

Vocabulary flash card download – Alphabet D

Vocabulary Builder Letter D

Vocabulary Builder Letter D

English vocabulary flash card are great way to learn new words. These flash card comes with high frequency words starting with letter D. Download the flashcard and print it. You can use the flashcard while you are travelling or on the go. There are 3 files preformated ready to print or read online, please keep checking as we will add more. You can download the files over here.

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