Reference chart-Multiplication tables

One of the best ways to increase the speed for solving quantitative questions is to learn the multiplication tables. I am sure most of us think we remember these tables, but sometime that is not correct. Here I have included a reference chart that can be easily printed and stuck near to your study place. These tables will help get into basics of the maths and increase your speed » » Continue to read » » »

Tricks for complex sentence formation

In this article we will understand the type of the sentence and in the end will learn tricks to figure out the clues for fill in the blanks for complex sentence. We will do this by identifying the logic of the sentence and best way to figure out this logic. This will help as the writer normally will like to convey message, hence sentence formation has to be logical. There is another post of mine that covers general tricks for sentence completion, this article is more geared for the complex sentence.

First to start with lets learn the types of sentences in English Grammar, there are normally 3 types of sentences : Simple sentence, Compound Sentence and Complex Sentence

Simple Sentence: It is a single sentence containing subject and verb and » » Continue to read » » »

Easy tricks for complete the sentence type questions

In this article I will provide some time tested easy tricks to solve question on complete the sentences. These tricks are very easy to learn and once you will apply these and make your habit, it will help you to scores good marks in competitive exams. I have provided there tricks step by step

A course on Easy tricks for multiplying, dividing and adding numbers

Learn some easy tricks for quick multiplication, division or squaring of numbers

A course on some easy tricks using vedic maths concepts for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of numbers. There are few quiz also included in the course. The course will load 3-4 lessons every day in you account page with links to each lesson. The lesson are available for full month. The addition, subtraction, division and squaring tricks can be used very easily in the CAT, MBA, XAT, Bank PO, IAS or any other competitive exam.

This course covers the tricks for easily dividing large numbers by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 by mental calculations. Similarly learn how to easily divide easily any number easily by prime numbers, squaring numbers ending with 5 very easily and without any paper calculations. There is much more

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