XAT 2012 notification

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Use of corelative conjuctions in English sentence

The English sentence sometimes are built with correlative conjunctions like “Both … and” “Although… yet” etc. These combinations have to be used in properly while answering questions in competitive exams like CAT, Bank PO, XAT, MAT etc. Here are some frequently used correlative conjunctions combination and proper way to use them in the English sentence formation

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Use of prepositions in english sentence formation

The prepositions are small words that normally comes before nown, during the sentence formation and filling answers there is always confusion how to use the words like At, On, In, Between, Above, Over, Below, Under, Against etc. The prepositions are normally divided as preposition of time, place and direction. I have also includes some under misc to give good understanding of using the prepositions in the sentence formations » » Continue to read » » »

Use of articles in english sentence

There are 2 types and in total 3 articles in English grammar.  a, an and the- a & an are called as indefinite articles where as the is called as definitive articles. To learn to use the articles in the sentence formation is important to solve the problems based on correct the sentence or reading comprehensions types. Here I have included some common rules for using articles in the English sentence. » » Continue to read » » »

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