Sanskrit Shlok download file

Sanskrit ShlokSome of selected Sanskrit Shloks for adults and kids. These are a mix from Sanskrit texts like mantras from Upnishads, morning time prayers, the one you should recite for excelling in studies, during taking bath, while praying for power, wealth and knowledge.

You can download PDF format of slides used for teaching Sanskrit shloks in summer camp over here.

There are 2 version 1st one has limited no. of slides that we used in summer camp and other version called extended version of the shloks that have 25 shloks including the ones that we have taught at the summer camp classes. You will need the PDF reader to read the PDF files. (to download the pdf reader click here)

You can download the file using the right click and save as in case of windows OS

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Pratham Books- An Alice in the wonderland

Pratham BooksFriends today I would like to highlight about Pratham Books, A great initiative from Pratham (one of the largest Non-Profit organisation in India). I am sure you must be asking this question suddenly why this Pratham Books, it seems to be a promotion stunt.

No it is not… Pratham Books is Not-for-Profit Organisation with a mission  “A book in Every Child’s hand”

This article neither for asking donations in money or books. But instead you a get a deal – A very Good one- Imagine buying a Story book for a less for Rs. 10 or 15. Or a story card in Rs. 2.

A meagre amount can make the world of that Kid like Alice in wonderland. Once they get into the habit of sinking into the rabbit hole of reading, it can open several doors with this habit of reading. Like Alice drank that potion to become small and big they can too have a flight of imagination.

One more reason to write about them is that I believer in this philosophy.  You can watch the You tube video of Rohini Nilekani’s presentation on the link given below for some good data points.

Why do I believe and reasons for the same?

We also started readin.net with a mission a provide exam preparation material at affordable cost. This can be easily done using collaborative effort and internet.  Again you be thinking why? Why- Exam Preparation, Why only on internet.

Knowledge and internet as both are great levellers.

Think once again,we appear in competitive exams, NIT, IIT, MBA etc thinking it will open the door for best job. With best job, we can afford luxuries once reserved for upper class.

Both Knowledge and Internet bridge the gaps of generations and uplift the man to a status in the society where he or she can contribute meaningfully.  I started Readin.net with this faith that those who would not money would be able to get the exam preparation material at the affordable price. Once through the exams they can better their life and give a helping hand to others who are not so fortunate. Internet helps enable this initiative in scale and at price points unimaginable in the past. » » Continue to read » » »

Solving Partnership type problems

Here we will learn how to solve the problems based on the capital invested in partnership firms, these type of problems are sometimes asked in the competitive exams. 

The partnership problems are of 2 types simple partnership and compound partnership. 

Simple partnership: When the partners have invested capital for the same period

Compound partnership: When partners have invested capital for the different periods and the profit is divided in the proportion of the time and capital invested.

Lets look at some simple formulae  to solve these kind of problems. Lets assume there are three partner; Ram (X) , Radha (Y)  & Shyam (Z)

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Correct use of the English Auxilliary verb like Can, May and Do

In this lesson we will learn about the auxiliary verb. You must be wondering what are auxiliaries verb and what is their importance in English Grammar,

Definition of Auxiliary Verb- In simple terms they are helping verbs.

A verb that determines the mood, tense, or aspect of another verb in a verb phrase. They always precede main verbs within phrase a question, a negative sentence, a compound tense or the passive.

Examples of auxiliary verbs : Be, Can, Could, Do, Have, May, might, must, » » Continue to read » » »

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