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Problem solving- items sold on discount

In the MBA enterance examination the problem solving section often ask the problems based on discount, profit and loss. The best way to solve these problems and approach to the solutions is as follows:

The problem: A shopkeeper makes 20 % gross profit even when he is selling the a carpet on 20 % discount. What was his gross margin when he was selling item without any discount? » » Continue to read » » »

Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part 3

The list of vocabulary words with latin roots, the given below table gives the list of words with latin prefix or suffix and their ussgae. This table is 3rd in the series of the post earlier in this website » » Continue to read » » »

Build vocabulary with common latin word roots-part2

Next set of word with latin roots, learning english vocabulary can be very easy if one understand the roots of the words. Here are some common latin word roots with the word example and the meaning of the word. If meaning of word root is understood understanding the ussage of the word in the sentence is also quite easy. Lets go to the table

You can also learn word with latin roots from A to C over here : common-latin-word-roots

» » Continue to read » » »

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