Quiz on mixture and proportion problems

In the earlier post we had discussed the concept of solving problems based on mixtures and proportions. If you need to refer the post please refer click here.

I have included few questions in this quiz that will explain the concept in better. Each question is provided with a detailed explations, as earlier if you find problem please comment. You can also include the questions and doubt in the comment area. You can take quiz here » » Continue to read » » »

Problem solving trick for liquid mixtures

How to solve liquid mixture problemsMany time in the competive exams the questions are asked based on the mixtures of the liquid. This post gives as easy way of solving such problems. Sample questions asked are as follows:

1. A milk can of 20 lts capacity is filled with mixture of 15 ltrs milk & water, every time milkman removes 1 ltr  mixture he adds 1 ltr water, how much milk would be there after 5 operations

2. A solution has 70% chemical, how much water to be added to 5lts solution to make it 50% concentration

3. Article of 2 vairties with different unit prices are mixed and one wants to find out the unit price of assortments

There are similar kind problems based on proportions and mixture, lets us see how you can solve these kind of problems very easily and use the formula to solve the problems. » » Continue to read » » »

Problem solving with rules of progressions

This post bring in some important theorems and rules that help to solve the problems of progressions.

the arithmetic mean (AM), geometric mean (GM) and harmonic mean (HM)  for non-negative numbers will follows: » » Continue to read » » »

Concept of Progressions for problem solving

In this post we will explore the concept of progression for solving the problems based on Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Progressions. Starting with definitions we will move into important formulaes and tricks to solve the problem easily and in short time frame

To get the idea on how the AP, GP and HP are linked please go here.

To read on the Harmonic Conjugate please read here.

Arithmetic progressions:  Sequence of numbers where the difference between the consecutive numbers is constant

so we can say  an – an-1 = d  where n is a postive integer and d is constant, it is also called as common difference

Important Concept     For the 3 consecutive numbers the middle number is the mean of other two i.e

 Also for all  n, m, l, >= 1 $ we will always have  Arithmetic Progression is given as » » Continue to read » » »

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