Similarity and congruency of triangles

Mid-Point-TheoremSimilarity and congruency of triangles are important concepts as lots of questions are asked in competitive exams are based in these topics. Both these topics are governed by tests like SAS test, SSS test, AAS test RHS test in case of congruency of triangles and AAA test, AA test or SAS test in case the triangles are similar. Lets read this topic and latter on we will also solve some problems based on these concepts

So first we will start with understanding what the congruency and similarity of triangle means

Two triangles are said to be congruent when corresponding angles » » Continue to read » » »

Properties of different type of triangle

basic properties of triangleIn this post we will cover the Basic properties of a common triangle and then will cover the topic of different types of triangles including Isosceles Triangle, Right angled triangle and Equilateral triangle.

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Basic properties of all types of triangles

1. Sum of all the three angles of a triangle is 180o » » Continue to read » » »

Angles at the intersection of lines

Angles lines IntersectionIn this article we will cover the topics of “Types of angles” and “Angle at intersection of lines”.

An angle is formed when two lines meet at a point or cross each other. When 2 lines meet normally 2 angles are formed internal and exterior angle. When 2 lines cross each other normally 4 angles are formed and 2 pairs are vertically opposite each other.


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Formulae to calculate area of the ring and arc

Area enclosed between 3 touching circlesIn this article we would be covering the topic that involve the circles but have a certain conditions attached to calculating a part of circle. for eg. how to calculate the area of the ring or how to calculate the area of arc. Or say how to calculate the enclosed between 3 circles when they touch each other as shown in the diagram. Here are some easy way to solve these problems

If you need to refer the formulae for area of sphere and square, please click here



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