Formulae to calculate area of the ring and arc

Area enclosed between 3 touching circlesIn this article we would be covering the topic that involve the circles but have a certain conditions attached to calculating a part of circle. for eg. how to calculate the area of the ring or how to calculate the area of arc. Or say how to calculate the enclosed between 3 circles when they touch each other as shown in the diagram. Here are some easy way to solve these problems

If you need to refer the formulae for area of sphere and square, please click here



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Units of measurement and conversion

Units of MeasurementsThe article covers the topic of Units of Measurement under metric systems and the British System. The given below will help you to learn the some basic units of measurements.

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Formulae for area of quadrilaterals

Area of QuardilateralsThe following post provides the formulae for areas of the quadrilaterals such as Parallelogram, Square, Rhombus, Trapezium and a regular hexagon

For a parallelogram: The example of Parallelogram includes, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus and Rhomboid

  • Area =Base x Height = Product of 2 slides x sine of included angles
  • Diagonal bisect each other

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Differences in British and American English

British Vs American EnglishThe written English is quite different in America and Britain.  This article is intends to highlight those small differences that exist in both the continents while using the English in written form. I have divided the differences into 2 parts, part A covers the difference in usage of punctuations while the next part cover the differences in spelling of some selected words

The following are some of the major differences in the Punctuation in British and American English

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