How to use the punctuation in English sentence

Punctuations in a sentence can make the meaning or break the meaning. Though we use period (.), colon (,), semicolon (;) , question mark (?), quotations marks (” “), Apostrophe (‘) and exclamation mark (!) we hardly ever ponder that a right or wrong placement do make a lots of difference to the meaning of English sentence. In this article we are providing with you the rules for correct punctuation in the English sentence.

Colon (:)

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When to Capitalise letter in a sentence

English GrammarIn the English Grammar there are some rules when a letter in the words can be capitalised. I have included most of the rule when to capitalise and NOT to capitalise the letter in a word while forming a sentence. The rules goes as follows:

Do Capitalise when

  1. As we all know first letter of the sentence is always capital
  2. The first letter in the names of proper nown. This can include the name of living beings, places or things. » » Continue to read » » »

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Reading Comprehension- Practice set 10

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