Using combination formula for distribution of items in groups

Combination formula for groupsNumbers of ways for distributing items into groups is one of the topic that is frequently asked in competitive exams. The items can similar or dis-similar and can be distributed into equal or unequal groups. 


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 The given below formulas will help you to solve such problems very easily.

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Using combination formula to find numbers of lines, triangles or polygons

Combination formulae for line, triangles & polygonsWe can use the combination formula very easily to find out how many numbers of lines, triangles or polygons can be formed by joining  in the points given on a plane. These kind of questions are very common in the competitive examinations.  Given below are some easy trick to solve these kinds of the problems, you have to just memorise these formulae and you can get top-score in the exams very easily.

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Combinations and Permutations

Permutation and combinationCombinations and permutations questions are important topic in the competitive exams. We have included some key concepts of the permutations and combinations over here to practice the concepts. Some important rules and conditions are also included to make it easier for you to learn and solve the permutation and combination type questions.

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Reading Comprehension- Practice set 9

Reading-Comprehension Passage-MedicinesA new passage in Reading comprehension to practice for competitive examinations. This is reading comprehension set No. 9 and it covers an interesting topic of converssation on medicines. Enjoying learning about parachute and reply answers to questions

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