Published on September 10th, 2012 In category Division and Multiplication tricks | Maths

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Quiz on Prime number divisibility rule

Earlier we had outlined easy tricks and tips to easily divide with prime numbers in the post over here 

  1. Easy tricks to divide by Prime numbers
  2. Using seed numbers to divide by Prime Numbers

We have now included a quiz to practice the concepts provided earlier. The quiz has full explanation describing steps to solve the questions using concepts provided in the 1st link. To attempt the quiz go here

Quiz on Prime number divisibility rule

The prime numbers are the numbers that have only 2 factors, first is 1 and the number itself. Getting to know if a number is a divisible fully by a prime number is difficult task as it doesn't have many factors. In our earlier post we have given easy tricks to divide by prime numbers. Tricks to divide by Prime Numbers The quiz has question in yes or no format, at the end a full explanation is provided how the answer is arrived on.
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