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Reading Comprehension- Practice set 10

One more passage in Reading comprehension to practice for competitive examinations. Here is the reading comprehension set No. 10 and it covers an interesting topic of converssation on fatigues. Enjoying learning about the topic of Fatigue and reply answers to questions

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The passage is as follows, please read it carefully,

To keep up with the fast paced and demanding life of today one should know how to overcome fatigue. There are two types of fatigue- mental and physical. One can overcome physical fatigue with adequate rest. It need not mean sleeping the whole day or going on a vacation. Sitting and reading a book, gardening or less strenuous activities can also relax us. Sometimes a hot bath goes along way n soothing sore muscles. For long term physical health, well-balanced diet and regular exercise can increase endurance and reduce fatigue. But beware of crash diets and over-exercising., they only exhaust you more. Eat everything in moderation and follow exercises like climbing stairs, walking short distances, etc.
Overcoming mental fatigue is different from that of physical fatigue. Blood pressure, ulcers, cardiac problems, migraines all stem from mental fatigue. Yoga is the best way to reduce mental fatigue. It offers complete relaxation and doesn’t take up much time. It should however not be practiced without expert guidance, else it could lead to injuries. Listening to music, not necessarily soft music but any genre you like, can divert your mind from any stressful thing. Pursuing a hobby like stamp collecting, drawing, cooking, reading or writing, any activity you like that can divert your mind from stress, give you pleasure and not exhaust you physically. You can even calm your mind by calming your stomach. Don’t work with an empty stomach and have a snack from time to time. Remember the aphorism, “ a healthy mind is a healthy body.”

Questions from this passage

Q1. Give 2 ways to overcome physical fatigue.
Q2. How does exercising reduce physical fatigue?
Q3. What are the ways to divert your mind from stress?
Q4. What are the benefits of Yoga?
Q5. What causes fatigue?
Q6. Give one word for from the passage:-
(i) a concise remark containing general truth
(ii) not to an extreme degree
Q7. It should not be practiced without expert guidance.
(Rewrite using verb form of underlined form)


A1. Adequate rest and a hot bath can help overcome physical fatigue.
A2. Regular exercise with a well-balanced diet can increase endurance and reduce stress.
A3. Listening to music or pursuing a hobby can divert our mind from stress.
A4. Yoga offers complete relaxation without taking up much time. It’s the best way to overcome mental fatigue.
A5. Today’s fast pace of life is the main cause of fatigue.
A6. (i) aphorism
(ii) (ii) moderation
A7. It should not be practiced without an expert to guide you.

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