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Reading Comprehension- Practice set 7

Reading comprehension- Monster in Hong KongPosting a new set of Reading comprehension on monster at Hong Kong to practice your English comprehension for competitive examinations. This is reading comprehension set No. 7.

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Here goes the passage, please read it carefully,

In 1972 some ugly monsters came to Hong Kong. Their colour was green. They had big red spots and long, ugly teeth. There were many of them all over Hong Kong. They were on the streets. They were on the television, cinema and in all the newspapers. You could even buy them in shops or hear songs about them on the radio.

‘What is this?’ people asked, when they first saw one. ‘Is it a lion, a tiger or a dragon?’ ‘No was the answer. It’s not a lion, a tiger or a dragon.’ ‘Then what is it?’

It’s a Lap Sap Chung. If you throw rubbish on the ground, you are a Lap Sap Chung. Lap Sap Chungs are people who make Hong Kong dirty.

T that time Hong Kong was very dirty. There was rubbish on the streets. The government agencies tried to educate and persuade people to keep Hong Kong clean but it did not succeed. This time the government was determined to succeed. They invented Lap Sap Chung, they placed advertisements on the radio, television, cinema and public places. Thousands of rubbish bin were bought and placed on the streets. There were ashtrays on street corners. New and stringent laws were enacted. People littering the streets would be fined and they would have to go to court to pay the fines. The highest fine was $500.

On 15th august, 1973, a 30 feet high Lap Sap Chung was blown to pieces. Everyone cheered. Hong Kong had become a clean city. Do you help to keep your city clean, or are you a Lap Sap Chung?

Questions from this passage

Q1. Lap Sap Chung was……..

(i)   A lion

(ii)  A dragon

(iii) People

(iv) An ugly monster.

Q2. Describe Lap Sap Chung.

Q3. If you were a Lap Sap Chung, who would you be?

Q4. Why were ashtrays placed on streets corners?

Q5. What are advertisements used for?

Q6. Do you think the Hong Kong government succeeded in making the city clean by persuading or by enacting stringent laws?

Q7. Give the synonyms of

(i)   Attempt

(ii)  Make

Q8. Do as directed

This time the government was determined to succeed. (make it negative)


A1. Lap Sap Chung was an ugly monster.

A2. Lap Sap Chung was green in colour. It had big red spots and long ugly teeth.

A3. If I throw rubbish on the ground, I would be a Lap Sap Chung.

A4. As a measure to clean up Hong Kong city, thousands of rubbish bins were placed on the streets while ashtrays were placed on street corners to collect cigarette butts.

A5. To persuade people to buy or do something.

A6. Yes, I think the Hong Kong government succeeded in making the city clean by enacting laws, broadcasting through the media, fines and punishments.

A7. (i) attempt-try

(ii)make- invented

A8. This time the government was determined not to fail.