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Published on October 11th, 2012 In category Education | English

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Reading Comprehension- Practice set 9

Reading-Comprehension Passage-MedicinesA new passage in Reading comprehension to practice for competitive examinations. This is reading comprehension set No. 9 and it covers an interesting topic of converssation on medicines. Enjoying learning about parachute and reply answers to questions

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The passage is as follows, please read it carefully,

“I am going to the grocers, will be back soon”, said Mrs. Thomson to her husband, who was lying in the bed with a fractured leg.

“Pick up my medicines too”, said her husband. “Sure”, replied Mrs. Thomson as she exited the door.

Having finished her shopping she was tired, so she went into a restaurant for a cup of tea. When she had finished her tea, she suddenly remembered that she had to buy medicines for her husband.

“Is there a chemist’s shop nearby?” she asked the waiter as he came to collect the bill. “Yes, madam”, the waiter said, “It’s only about two minutes walk from here. Turn left when you go out of the restaurant, then the second turning to the right”.

“Thank you”, Mrs. Thomson said, “can I leave my bags here and pick them up on my way back?” “Most certainly”, replied the waiter, “I’ll keep them at the billing counter”.

Mrs. Thomson followed the waiter’s directions and found the chemist’s shop without any difficulty. She bought the medicines and hurried back. After ten minutes of walking she realized she was in her neighbourhood. When she went home, she found the door ajar. Without much ado she walked in and as she kept her purse and medicines on the table, she realized that she had left her shopping bags at the restaurant.

Questions from this passage

Q1. Where did Mrs. Thomson go?
Q2. Why did she go to the restaurant?
Q3. She remembered she had to buy medicines when
(a) she finished her shopping.
(b) the waiter came to collect the bill.
(c) she had finished tea.
Q4. How far was the chemist’s shop from the restaurant?
Q5. If the chemist’s shop was nearby, why did she walk back ten minutes?
Q6. Do you think Mrs. Thomson was forgetful? Why?
Q7. Why do you think the door was ajar?
Q8. Change into indirect speech
(i) “Is there a chemist’s shop nearby?” she asked the waiter.
(ii) “Yes, madam”, the waiter said, “it’s only about two minutes walk from here.”


A1. Mrs. Thomson went to the grocers.
A2. After shopping Mrs. Thomson was tired, so she went into the restaurant for a cup of tea.
A3. She remembered she had to buy medicines when she had finished tea.
A4. The chemist’s shop was about 2 minutes walking distance from the restaurant.
A5. Mrs. Thomson went to the chemist’s shop and after buying the medicines she probably forgot and walked to her own neighbourhood instead of going to the restaurant.
A6. Yes, I think Mrs. Thomson was forgetful. At first she forgot to buy her husband’s medicines. When she remembered and returned form the chemist’s shop she went home instead of going back to the restaurant. She had forgotten to close the door. Finally, after settling in she realized she had forgotten her shopping bags at the restaurant.
A7. Mrs. Thomson seems absentminded and forgetful. She probably forgot to close the door when she went grocery shopping.
A8. (i) She enquired if there was a chemist’s shop nearby.
(ii) The waiter replied affirmatively and said that it was about 2 minutes walk from there.

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