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Reading Comprehension techniques

Reading Comprehension TechniquesThere is a growing emphasis on reading comprehension based questions  and a shift from vocabulary based questions like synomyns and antonyms problems in competitive exams like CAT. The reading comprehension is made of 2 word Reading Comprehension. To get good marks in reading comprehension one has to master both the parts READING + COMPREHENSION.

Here are some steps that will help you to get going with Reading Comprehension.

Build Speed: The reading comprehension is normally a big passage (though with new CAT online format the passages are not that big) and it takes considerable time which is a scarce commodity in any entrance examination.  How to build the reading speed.

  • Skimming and Skipping:Not all the part of passage is important to answer the question correctly which is prime objective of the the full exercise. How to do that
    • Scan the full passage and question without reading in details. It will an idea about the topic and while in reading in details if you have an ideas on quesions you can concentrate on those section
    • Read the first part and the end part of the passage very carefully. Most of the time you would be able to build an idea what the passage is all about
    • Skim the passage for the important messages. Skim is equilaent to swimming in reading where you just float quicky over the workds, trying to get the essence
    • Read in the blocks,try to train your eyes and minds to decipher the meaning while reading. Try to understand what the author is trying to say in the passage

When to start answering the questions: I would suggest to let your style evolve while practicing, however you can

  • Solve the questions by elimination techniques in multiple choice questions. This will help concentrate on the questions that need the passage reading

Keep the data points in mind: While reading and skimming try to keep eye on data points, many time questions can be answerered very easily using these data points

Build Vocabulary: Building vocabulary is important part in improving speed. If one knows the meaning of diffcult words the it helps to increase the reading speed.

Read a lot: It is a good habit to read a lots on various topics. If one is comfortable with the topic it is easier, however take care give answers based on data and facts on the passage itself not on your understanding of topic out of context as given in passage

The last but not the least, read the questions very carefully and try to decipher what the question is asking about and answer accordingly

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