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Sanskrit Shlok download file

Sanskrit ShlokSome of selected Sanskrit Shloks for adults and kids. These are a mix from Sanskrit texts like mantras from Upnishads, morning time prayers, the one you should recite for excelling in studies, during taking bath, while praying for power, wealth and knowledge.

You can download PDF format of slides used for teaching Sanskrit shloks in summer camp over here.

There are 2 version 1st one has limited no. of slides that we used in summer camp and other version called extended version of the shloks that have 25 shloks including the ones that we have taught at the summer camp classes. You will need the PDF reader to read the PDF files. (to download the pdf reader click here)

You can download the file using the right click and save as in case of windows OS

PDF_DOWNLOAD Sanskrit Shloks- Smaller version


PDF_DOWNLOADSanskrit Shloks- Full version