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Solving problems related to work concept

Work and Time Problem solving TricksIn this post we will cover the topic of solving problmes on work done together by 2 or more persons only or 2 or more machines or questions on combination of person and machines. In an earlier post  work-and-time-problem-solving-tricks  I have provided all the formulas that can be used for solving the time and effort problems.

In this post we will not use the formula but will try to understand the concept and will take examples to solve these problems

The trick to solve the problems of the type like Machine A produces x items in y hrs and Machine B produces l items in n hrs, in z hrs how many items can produced if both machines work together for t hrs.

or if Ram can finish writing 10 pages in 2 hrs and Shaym can write 20 pages in 3 hrs, how many pages they can write together in 10 hrs.

Trick to solve these problems with formula is

1. Calculate the 1 Unit of Work Rate; it might be in days, hours, minutes and seconds for each Person or Machine

2. Read the question deligently and add or subrtact the effort as given

3. Multiply the effort given together and get the result.

In the next post I will try to explain the concept with quiz questions

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