Published on November 28th, 2010 In category Education | Maths

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Some basic rules on odds and even number

Here are a few simple rules when the odd and even numbers are added:

1. Addition and subtraction of odd numbers and Even numbers always lead to Even number.

Odd No. + Odd No. = Even No.    ( Example. 23 + 41 = 64, You can try any odd no, the rule will always stand true)

Odd No. – Odd No. = Even No.    ( Example.  41 – 23  = 18 , same stands true, try any more combinations, if there are any please do write comments)  also for even no if you

Even No. + Even No.  = Even No. ( Example. 12 + 14 = 26)

Even No. – Even No. = Even No. (Example 14- 12 = 2 )


2. We get Odd No. when we mix the pairs like adding Odd to Even or subtracting Odd to Even, this also true vice-versa

Odd No. + Even No. = Odd No. 

Odd No. – Even No. = Odd No.

If there are any more rules, which you would like to include please do let me know, you can also include in the comments section and I will covert them to the Post with credit to you.

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