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Published on March 25th, 2010 In category Division and Multiplication tricks | Education | Maths

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Square numbers easily


Square numbers

You can square the numbers ending with 5 very easily using this Vedic math’s rule. For example you can calculate 352 as 35 x 35 or you can use the following rule to calculate in your mind.

Update: We have now included a small quiz on this concept : Click here

The concept is as follows:

  1. The last 2 digit would always be 25.
  2. Now  add 1 to the first numeral  and multiply it with the original numeral in our example this would be (3+1=4)x3=12.
  3. Now the result is 1225.

The rule can be generalized as for square of n2 results can shown as (n+1) x n 25

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